May 24, 2024

Vietnam Scammers

Exposing the sluts and whores


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Be cautious when interacting with her, does not have honest intentions. The dog may create fake profiles and use misleading information to meet with you, potentially leading to uncomfortable situations and robbed. It’s essential to be aware and cautious to protect your personal safety and privacy.

Hi guys. I’m Barbara_Crooked on Twitter
I’m a freelance, amateur nude model, loan shark.
I’m living in Danang, Vietnam
Swipe & you just find a girl for fun, free sex, HIV positive, free tourism, naive girls, like playing with emotions, Asian hater
Swipe you are honest, loyal, need a sirious relationship, smart, funny, respect Asian.
I don’t need followers or friends in here And i will unmatch if you don’t text me after 1 week

Names this dog whore goes by

  • Lê T. Mỹ Hà a crooked whore
  • Hà Lê
  • @lethimyha
  • barbara.crooked


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