May 24, 2024

Vietnam Scammers

Exposing the sluts and whores


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Post removal costs 19.5 million VND. email with case #230613whd233

Join our Telegram Group, #vietscammers WhatsApp Group #vietscammers and Facebook group #vietscammers with over 28600 users and help stop Vietnamese Whores such as below scamming people.

These two Whores engage in deceptive activities together. The individual in red, named Ngoc Mai, can be reached at the phone number ‭+84 (0) 93 3780930‬. She pretends to be kind and sympathetic, even going so far as to show off a baby in order to elicit pity. However, she speaks excessively and uses vulgar language. She collaborates with a fake Telegram admin named Mimi, who poses as the boss and feigns concern for their business. (More screenshots and transcripts will be provided soon.)

Ngoc Mai pretends she wants to invite her friend to join them in a game, and then her accomplice arrives. This accomplice pretends to need immediate cash for shopping outside, insisting on receiving the money before leaving with her bag, never to return.

Mi, the other individual involved, then invites a third person named Lan Anh‬ who also pretends to be clueless but attempts to scam the client out of money.

Mi frequently goes back and forth into the restroom, pretending to have urgent needs while secretly communicating with another person via Zalo for further instructions on their scheme—unaware that there are cameras both recording video and capturing audio evidence of her actions.

The victims of these scams will soon realize what has been done to them. Let us expose these whores to the world as fraudsters and deceivers.

The whores involved seem to have forgotten that there are four cameras inside and seven outside capturing their activities.

Stay tuned, Videos, photos, and Audio will be uploaded to this website over the next few days.

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